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Customers of mooshe group have the luxury to purchase our item online or directly by coming

to our store (please see our store section to check on our store address).
If you prefer to purchase our item online, please follow these steps below to ensure that we get
your purchase right:
1. login to mooshe group.
2. Click open the item you like.
3. Specify the specification of the item (color, size and quantity) and click add to cart.
4. Re-confirm your delivery address and email address. And click Check Out. You can choose to pay
via bank transfer (we will provide our BCA and Mandiri account) or you can pay via paypal (using your
credit card - Visa, Mastercard). IMPORTANT NOTICE: Items on your shopping cart will not be ordered
unless you click on Check Out.
5. An invoice will be sent to your email address, recapping the item/s you ordered and our bank accounts.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: If payment is not made within 1 (one) day after the sending of the invoice, automatically.
6. Once you have made the payment, log on to mooshe group website and go to payment confirmation
to confirm your payment. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The item/s will not be sent to you even though you have
transferred the money to our bank account unless you go through the payment confirmation process.
7. After you confirm your payment on payment confirmation , the item/s will be sent to your delivery
address as soon as possible.
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